These professionals have relied on 84 accredited bodies to obtain independent certification of their skills.

This data emerges 10 years after the enactment of Law 4/2013 and is the result of a meeting dedicated to “Unregulated Professions,” in collaboration with UNI, ACCREDIA, ASSOTIC and CONFORMA, under the Patronage of the Ministry of Business and Made in Italy.

Law 4/2013 represents a unique case in the European landscape in that it establishes regulations for unrecognized professions, i.e., those that are not regulated by a professional register or order.

Through UNI standards, which include more than 100 specific standards for unregulated professions and 20 reference practices, knowledge, skill, autonomy and responsibility requirements are defined for each profession, following the common reference framework of the European Qualification Framework (EQF). The EQF defines eight qualification levels that express learning outcomes and increasing level of competence.

Law 4/2013 offers three distinct paths for unregulated professionals:

1. Voluntary self-regulation, which guides the professional to understand the law and follow high professional standards.
2. The issuance of an attestation by the relevant professional association.
3. Certification by a body accredited by Accredia.

Certification of compliance with the UNI technical standard, issued by third-party bodies accredited by Accredia, is a way for professionals to demonstrate their profession-specific competence and qualification. Periodic audits conducted by accredited bodies ensure that the professional maintains his or her certified competence over time, until the qualification is renewed.

This approach to certification offers a number of advantages over other forms of attestation, in that the audits conducted by accredited bodies, such as RICEC, attest not only to the professional’s fulfillment of the requirements specified by the UNI technical standard, but also ensure that they maintain the certified competence over time, until the qualification is renewed. Professionals who pass this evaluation process are included in the Accredia Databases, an important tool available to the market that fosters the visibility of qualified skills, thus promoting the use of highly qualified professionals.

These results testify to the success of Law 4/2013 and UNI standards in facilitating the qualification and certification of professionals in unregulated professions, helping to ensure high standards and increase consumer confidence in the professional services offered by these professionals.

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