Accredia’s Annual Report 2023 shows a significant increase in the accreditation sector related to the certification of people, with +11 percent growth. This figure not only represents a positive trend, but portends a future of further expansion, reflecting an increasingly demanding and broad labor market. In a context where the supply of professionals is constantly expanding, there is an emerging need for objective, third-party and accredited assessment tools capable of guaranteeing solid, recognized and updated competencies over time.

This increase underscores the growing importance that companies and professionals place on certifications. They not only provide tangible proof of acquired skills, but also offer a key competitive advantage in an ever-changing world of work. Certifications thus become a kind of professional “passport,” unequivocally attesting to an individual’s skills and knowledge, increasing his or her expendability in the marketplace. The awareness and willingness to provide reliable and recognized assessment tools are evident, as Accredia’s data show.

The year 2023 was marked by renewal and the opening of new opportunities, especially among those related to the world of sustainability and cyber security. These emerging sectors require specific and up-to-date skills, making certifications a crucial element in attesting to the preparedness of professionals. While holding firmly to the core principles of accreditation, the industry has set its sights on future scenarios that are increasingly focused on efficiency and quality. This drive for innovation and continuous improvement is essential to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing global marketplace.

Certificates issued by RICEC International, due to their third-party and accredited recognition, offer a significant competitive advantage for professionals. They represent a guarantee of quality for employers, who can thus count on highly qualified and continuously updated personnel. This contributes to a more qualified and high-performing labor market, where certified skills become a real strategic asset for companies.

The growth of the people accreditation sector is not just a statistic, but an indicator of deeper trends. Accredited certifications are emerging as indispensable tools for enhancing skills, responding to new professional challenges and sustaining competitiveness in an increasingly dynamic and complex market.

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