Unregulated professions are becoming more and more important but the subjects who practice them too often do not have any “proof” to confirm the skills possessed. The customer, therefore, is forced to believe by “dogma” in the professional’s ability or at best perhaps based on the suggestions of acquaintances, or on the comments published online about the professional.

It is evident that the certification of a professional figure is, therefore, assuming more and more value, being a formidable tool for making the interested parties perceive the plus that accompanies the professional and his ability to know how.

If we then reflect on the value that the certification brings to the quality of the professional’s working life, a new way of protecting the worker emerges. Certifying a skill possessed can help the worker in an unstable labor market. Lifelong learning becomes a life strategy, because the certified professional undergoes periodic checks of his/her skills and, for this reason, it is by no means a foregone or obligatory path. In addition to the customer’s trust at first glance, it is necessary to be able to provide further insight into one’s ability and competence. Being in possession of a certification that objectively certifies your skills is also a great way to make a difference during a job interview.

The certification issued by RICEC – as a body accredited by Accredia – guarantees, both to the professional and to the companies, recognition of the professionalism, distinctiveness on the national and international market and economic positioning.

Furthermore, the release of the certification by RICEC is the basis of the reliability of the professional who is driven to maintain and continuously improve the required skills, presenting himself from time to time in compliance with a standard (UNI, or other standards issued by other bodies standards recognized by law) demonstrating to the market that they operate by adopting shared practices and behaviours, the result of the meeting of all the interested parties who collaborate in the drafting of the standard.

Relying on a certified professional under accreditation is synonymous with certainty of quality because it is validated by an independent body – third party, with respect to the professional and his client – whose seriousness, reliability and impartiality are in turn controlled by Accredia, a body recognized by the State, which has the authority and skills to ensure compliance with the rules defined at national and international level.

Give value to your skills, RICEC certifies them!

The best investment you can make is in yourself.

(Warren Buffett)

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