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RICEC certify the quality of your training path

For Education and Training Institutions, as for all Organizations, it is essential to adopt the logic of a quality management system as a tool to improve the quality of the services provided; the certification by a third-party body also constitutes, for training bodies, documented evidence of guarantee of competence and organization, useful for the accreditation of the body itself. The design and development of a training path can be structured in various processes:
  • identification and definition of training needs and/or modifications of past needs;
  • training design and planning in a way suitable to achieve the planned training objectives;
  • issue of documentation pertaining to teachers, learners and training support;
  • training delivery;
  • evaluation of training results.
Therefore, following the analysis of the documentation and the application verification of the course itself, RICEC will evaluate whether the training institution can be recognized as suitable for providing the training required and required by the specific technical certification scheme issued.
The qualification process and the issue of the certificate by RICEC guarantees the national, international market and interested third parties that the provider of the training courses / training courses systematically applies the envisaged requirements and ensures the achievement of the training objectives declared, it also guarantees that the planning, course management, teaching, monitoring and related activities are systematically under control in order to meet the expected results.  QUALIFIED TRAINER By Qualified Trainer we mean that RICEC, in view of its process of verification and assessment of the Trainer’s competence, GUARANTEES to all customers (schools, companies, individuals, participants – students) and to all interested third parties, that the Trainers present in its registry are suitable to achieve the declared training objectives – skills. 
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