Among the measures that the government aims to approve in the coming months, there are also new bonuses to encourage the regular hiring of domestic workers.

This is provided for by the 2023-2025 National Plan for the fight against undeclared work, adopted on December 19, 2022 and entered into force with its publication in the Official Gazette on December 21, 2022.

Employed by Italian families, according to Istat estimates, are almost 1,500,000 (90% women and 70% foreigners, also including immigrants in conditions of irregular residence). A quarter of undeclared work in Italy, states the Plan, is concentrated in the domestic sector, with over 780,000 irregular workers.

Our population is getting older and, in the meantime, work, personal and family commitments make it increasingly difficult to take care of the older members of the family, especially if they are no longer self-sufficient.

Among the skills of family assistants, love for one’s work must be in the foreground, the same love that our parents give us on a daily basis. But that’s not enough, because he should also be able to handle any emergency situations, be aware of home safety rules, as well as have first aid skills.

The UNI 11766 standard refers precisely to “Unregulated professional activities – Family assistant: cleaner, babysitter, caregiver – Knowledge, skill and competence requirements” .

Standards and certification are unique worldwide, since Italy is the first country to provide for a path of this kind to guarantee the skills of family carers, in compliance with the European Qualifications Framework.

Compliance with the standard is not only based on technical aspects, but also on ethical criteria of correct behaviour, particularly important for those who carry out their work within the employer’s home, thus participating in family life.

Obtaining a reliable certification is a fundamental added value in the job search.

At the same time, families will know that relying on certified caregivers will mean including a person with knowledge, skills and competences that comply with European standards and verified by an independent third-party body within the family.

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