Every year on September 21, the world celebrates a special day.

In 2008, in Nova Scotia, Canada, an activist named Ken Wallace launched a website that would catalyze a global movement. The slogan was clear and punchy: “Give the Planet One Day Off a Year.” Thus was born Zero Emissions Day, or ZeDay, an opportunity to reflect on our relationship with the environment and promote more sustainable choices about energy.
But what is the main goal of this day? It is not only to give the Earth a breather, but also to make each of us more conscious of our daily energy choices.

Our daily actions, often conditioned by a hectic routine, directly affect the environment. ZeDay reminds us that we can make a difference with more responsible choices about energy. This day is the perfect opportunity to reflect on how each of us can help reduce harmful carbon emissions.
The importance of ZeDay is not just limited to raising awareness. The growing concern for the environment has led to the creation of “green jobs,” specialized job positions that have emerged in just the past few years. Among these are Energy Management Experts (EGEs).

Currently, there are 3088 EGEs with certifications from third-party and independent bodies, and that number is steadily growing. These professionals are closely linked to the Green Economy and are responsible for ensuring GDP growth while limiting the impact of human activities on the environment. The UNI CEI 11339:2009 standard defines the requirements and procedures for the qualification of this professional figure, who must combine energy and environmental knowledge with management and economic-financial skills.

Certifications issued by organizations such as Ricec, a national and international body accredited by Accredia, are a crucial element in the training and curricular enhancement of EGEs. Certifications not only demonstrate competence, but are also a competitive badge in the world of work, becoming an increasingly sustainability and environmentally oriented asset.


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