Accredia, the Single National Accreditation Body, has renewed accreditation to Ricec International as a Competency Certification Body. The renewal demonstrates the Body’s competence, independence and impartiality and is the highest guarantee for the market.

The renewal of this accreditation, which complies with the ISO/IEC 17024 standard, is a significant step in consolidating RICEC’s position as a reliable reference point in the field of professional certification.

The ISO/IEC 17024 standard, which imposes national, European and worldwide requirements for organizations working as Personnel Certification Bodies, represents a seal of quality and recognition.

Competency certification, is a key element in attesting professional competence. This certification, issued by impartial bodies such as RICEC, provides global recognition of skills, enabling professionals to stand out and demonstrate a high level of qualification.

A total of 210 thousand professionals have chosen independent skills certification in 10 years.

This data emerges 10 years after the entry into force of Law 4/2013 and is the result of a meeting dedicated to “Unregulated Professions,” in collaboration with UNI, ACCREDIA, ASSOTIC and CONFORMA, under the Patronage of the Ministry of Business and Made in Italy.

Law 4/2013 represents a unique case in the European landscape, as it establishes regulations for unrecognized professions, i.e., those that are not regulated by a professional register or order.

RICEC looks to the future with renewed enthusiasm, continuing to guarantee high quality certification services to support the success and professional growth of professionals who choose to certify their skills with the Body, which continues on its path of impartiality and independence, evidenced by the renewal of Accreditation just received.

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