February 18 is International Energy Conservation Day. Respect for the environment and its protection are topical issues.

The Day was created with the aim of raising awareness and improving awareness of the serious problems arising from energy consumption and is geared toward reducing waste and respecting the environment.

From January 2024, large companies – to be followed by others – in the European Union will be obliged to make public data on their impact on the environment, people, the planet and the sustainability risks they face.

This should strengthen the European market economy and lay the groundwork for global sustainability transparency standards. It is the “Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive – CSRD,” the EU Directive approved by the Council last Nov. 28, which puts sustainability information on the same level as financial information.

Maturing knowledge of energy consumption and benefiting from a better environmental reputation, requires investments of time and resources from all Organizations, which are amply repaid by the resulting benefits in terms of energy management.

The ISO 50001 standard, formally known as ISO 50001:2018 “Energy Management Systems – Requirements and Guidelines for Use” developed by experts from the national standards bodies of more than 60 ISO member countries, aims to ensure consistency and validity of energy performance worldwide.

By dealing with such a crucial issue as energy efficiency and environmental impact, Auditors and Lead Auditors who certify their expertise on Energy Management Systems will be able to offer greater assurance to clients, enabling Organizations to have a systematic approach to continuous improvement of their energy performance.

It all contributes to creating a true culture of energy focus within an organization, permeating every aspect of its production and management.

Competence brings confidence, and competence certifications, issued by a third-party, accredited body such as Ricec International, are a recognition of the skills and knowledge acquired by the person.

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