World Accreditation Day is celebrated on 9 June 2022, the initiative of the IAF and ILAC to promote the value of conformity assessment activities globally.

This year’s message underlines the importance of accreditation as a tool for achieving the United Nations sustainable development goals (SDGs).

World Accreditation Day is a recognition of the social and economic importance of our activities. Today, in fact, a fundamental role is recognized for accreditation to guarantee the quality of products and services for the protection of health, safety and the environment.

The data of Accredia’s 2021 Annual Report confirm the growth of +16% in the accreditation  sector referring to the certification of people also in the sustainability sectors.

A figure destined to grow, which highlights the attention paid to an increasingly demanding and vast labor market, with so much offer against which it is growing (as confirmed by the data) with awareness and willingness to provide an objective, third-party and accredited that it is a guarantee of knowledge and know-how over time.

A year – 2021 – marked by renewal and openness to new opportunities, keeping firm to the principles of accreditation and aiming for future scenarios increasingly marked by efficiency, quality and < strong>sustainability, in fact.

Data that further confirm the importance of the role of certifications in supporting the growth of the country and its environmental and digital transition: applied within the framework of the Pnrr, they represent in fact one of the most reliable tools for using the assigned resources and carrying out interventions in expected times.

The boost to the areas of environmental and energy management has given more impetus to the activity of Auditor and Lead Auditor qualified for the ISO 14001 standard, a standard that establishes the requirements of an environmental management system of any organization. And, in line with the Accredia report, professionals who certify their skills are figures that are increasingly in demand, since they can objectively demonstrate to the reference market that they play an active role in the green value chain.

RICEC is a Personnel Certification Body (professional skills) accredited according to the ISO/IEC 17024 standard by the Italian Accreditation body, Accredia.

The certification of skills allows the professional to distinguish himself from his competitors, it represents an element of growth of his own competitiveness differential, based on the principle of continuous improvement, precisely in a sector such as the environmental one and of sustainability in general, which will increasingly assume a central role in all organizations.

Ricec, the value of skills.

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