In recent times, the business and production environment has shown a growing awareness regarding ethical issues, related to the topic of technological and digital development, which is increasingly perceived as generating problems rather than benefits. The expansion of the possibilities offered by artificial intelligence has further fueled the debate on ethics, involving virtually all areas.

Moreover, considering the ethics of third-party assessment activities is not only appropriate, but becomes urgent, especially if the central role of independent audit and related decisions within the broader “Quality Infrastructure” is to be consolidated and strengthened in the new economic landscape.

Third-party conformity/compliance assessment inherently involves the application of ethical principles as an integral part of practice. Therefore, this process can be said to be ethical in itself. In fact, neutrality is the structural foundation for impartial judgment, so much so that the concepts of “neutrality” and “impartiality” are often used synonymously.

Accredia, the Single National Accreditation Body, has renewed accreditation to RICEC International as a Competency Certification Body. The renewal demonstrates the Body’s competence, independence and impartiality and is the highest guarantee for the market.

Il rinnovo di questo accreditamento, conforme alla norma ISO/IEC 17024, rappresenta un passo significativo nel consolidamento della posizione di RICEC come punto di riferimento affidabile nel settore delle certificazioni professionali.

ISO/IEC 17024, which imposes national, European and worldwide requirements for organizations working as Personnel Certification Bodies, is a seal of quality and recognition.

Competency certification, is a key element in attesting professional competence. Issued by impartial bodies such as RICEC, it offers comprehensive recognition of competencies, ensuring an ethical and impartial assessment process. This allows professionals to distinguish themselves and demonstrate a high level of qualification, while promoting transparency and integrity in their field.

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